Socks are so much better when science and comfort are totally in step. Sock Science provides highly advanced, thoughtfully crafted socks that offer a soothing solution to diabetics, athletes, pilots, hikers and others whose feet are subject to unusual demands. The science of fibers and coatings has yielded a wide array of new yarns to keep your feet drier and reduce friction. Improved knitting machines turn these fibers into socks that anatomically match your foot.

We invite you to examine the different fibers, weaves and styles that Sock Science offers. And we encourage you to navigate the many interesting links on our website to find the perfect socks for you. Use our helpful sock selector panel, then zoom in for an even closer look at what makes our socks so comfortable, so sturdy, so special. We've even made ordering fast and easy. Go ahead...kick up your feet and spend some time with us today. You'll see that research and comfort share the same underlying thread.