Meet Sock Science

Socks that walk the walk

Sock Science, though perhaps new to many visitors to our site, is a natural extension of an established, 50-year-old manufacturing company in upstate New York. A half-century of attention to detail, meticulous workmanship and friendly, knowledgeable people made it logical to expand into this new direction where personal service and quality are, once again, paramount.

Though Sock Science does not produce its own socks, our manufacturing experience and technical background enables us to recognize superior design and engineering. We're convinced that socks created with new fibers on computer-precision knitting machines present a whole new opportunity for us as a company and for the customers we serve. Whether you have health-related foot problems, play sports actively or merely want comfort when walking the dog around the block, Sock Science offers solutions that come in pairs. We invite you to visit or give us a call to learn more about the true science behind our socks.