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Cushioning: Navy: HJ92: Botany Wool Cushion Sole
Softop: Original Cushion
Trust your feet to great brands with cushioned socks. Elastic free socks are woven with these comfortable fibers.
Original Softop cushion sole and toe, wool non-binding top
Fits Shoe Sizes:
Men's 11 12 13
Other Sizes:
Application: Casual, Diabetic, Dress
Width: Standard
Height: Crew
Construction: Elastic free, Padded
Fiber: 35% Polyamide, 65% Wool
Price: $13.95
 No Elastic: Navy: HJ92: Botany Wool Cushion Sole Navy   
Pick your color in a padded sock and cushioned sock. Many elastic free socks come with attractive color options.
Comfort Zones
Padded socks for a lofty walk. Function always works with elastic free fashion.
Mouse over comfort zones for details
Cushioned socks for many activities. Non-Elastic socks still have style.
Sock Science
Padded socks knit with unique yarns. Non slipping socks that are elastic free.
Can a sock be padded and fashionable too? Yes, if it's our Original Cushion sock. We started with our Original Wool sock, and then added a full-sole cushion.
Unique elastic free knitting at top of sock helps avoid pinching of the leg. Low profile seams and cushioning in the foot area extra support on the foot for all day comfort.
Comfort Zones
Cuff - Elastic free panels keep sock in place without pinching or constricting your leg
Fibers - Fuzzy soft and warm wool fibers keep feet feeling comfortable
Padding - Cushioned foot area where you like support the most to give as extra bounce in your step
Toe - Subtle seam in the padding helps feet stay soft and blister free
A comfortable choice in padded socks and cushioned socks. These high quality elastic free socks are fashionable and are non elastic.
Cushioned socks for cushion comfort. If you looking for, Elastic-Free or Non-Elastic socks, Socks Science is here to help.  Site Map
 Padded socks for extra padded comfort. These elastic-free socks are non-binding.