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Padded: White: 51132: Comfort Padded Plus
Therasock: Heavily Padded
Padded socks and cushioned socks from many brands.
Most heavily padded sock - oversize shoe recommended
Fits Shoe Sizes:
Men's 6 7 8 9
Women's 7 8 9 10
Other Sizes:
Application: Athletic, Diabetic, Hiking, Walking
Width: Standard
Height: Crew
Construction: Padded
Fiber: 85% Acrylic, 15% Nylon
Price: $10.15
 Cushioning: White: 51132: Comfort Padded Plus White   
Padded socks come in various colors.
Comfort Zones
Padded socks for a lofty walk.
Mouse over comfort zones for details
Walkers and hikers like cushioned socks.
Sock Science
Cushioned socks made from special fibers.
Soft padding at bottom of foot gives extra support and cushion. Extra knitting helps provide comfortable fit that won't slip or bunch.
Extra padding for those who prefer a more cushioned feel. Ideal for hiking and or sensitive feet. Reverse knit seam for seamless interior.
Comfort Zones
Knitting - Extra stitching for comfortable fit that won’t droop
Ankle - Contour fit and padding for added comfort
Padding - Soft comfort cushions for extra support under foot
Toe - Reverse knit toe for seamless interior against toes
Padded socks give a padded feel.
Cushioned socks for cushion comfort.  Site Map
 Padded socks for extra padded comfort.