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Therasock: Black: 71732: Seamless X-Static
Knitrite: Grey: 71632: Seamless X-Static
Smartknit: Cocoon X-Static
Smartknit socks, a brand to know. Lightweight fibers weave comfortable socks for diabetics, in a variety of sizes.
Anti-odor and anti-fungal fiber, seamless knitting reduces pressure points
Fits Shoe Sizes:
Men's 8 9 10 11
Women's 9 10 11 12
Other Sizes:
Application: Athletic, Diabetic
Width: Standard
Height: Crew
Construction: Seamless
Fiber: 3% Lycra, 92% Polyester, 5% X-Static
Price: $14.25
 Diabetics Socks: Black: 71732: Seamless X-Static Black   
 Diabetic Casual Socks: Grey: 71632: Seamless X-Static Grey   
Smart-knit socks - pick your color. Diabetic socks are available in a wide range of colors.
Comfort Zones
Smartknit socks fit yet never bind. Look closely at the fine knitting and quality of these diabetic socks.
Mouse over comfort zones for details
Smartknit socks for walking all day long. Here you can see how comfortable fibers make these socks perfect for diabetics.
Sock Science
Wicking fibers in Smartknit socks for dry feet. Even loose fitting comfortable diabetic socks look stylish.
X-Static antimicrobial fiber reduces foot odor. Seamless knitting eliminates pressure points.
Lycra fibers provide contour fit. Seamless knitting reduces pressure points for friction free sock. Halo top of sock allows for easy stretch. Antimicrobial X-Static fibers help reduce foot odor.
Comfort Zones
Cuff - Halo top keeps sock in place with comfortable room for large calves
Ankle - Lycra fibers provide a contour fit for all leg types
Heel - Fibers and fit around heel to prevent bunching
Toe - Seamless toe closure helps reduce blisters during long walks and runs
Smartknit socks fit well on any legs. It's important for Diabetics to wear soft comfortable socks.
Consider Smart-knit socks with smartknitting we call Smartknit socks. Important foot care for diabetics with diabetes.  Site Map
 Socks with Smartknit sock technology. Socks for diabetics share several key traits.