Great Engineering That Stretches Your Comfort Zone Thanks to Sock Science arm sleeves, innovative engineering has never felt so good! These clothing-quality coverlets bring a new dimension to skin protection, while also providing a stylish look that makes them enjoyable to wear. Whether slipping one onto your arm or making them a staple of your care facility, you'll discover how easy they are to maintain, even after numerous washings with traditional clothing. Take a look...our product comes armed with a lot of important advantages! These sleeves are available in medium (purchase) and large size (purchase). Your comfort is guaranteed! Read more about our guarantee in the paragraphs below.

Choosing the correct size To select the proper size, measure around the widest part of your forearm. If your measurement is about 7 1/2” to 9”, try our Medium size; a reading of about 9” to 10 1/2” corresponds to our Large size. The size (either M or L) is clearly stitched into the blue band at the top of each sleeve. When applying the sleeve, carefully roll it up the arm to avoid stretching thin, fragile skin. Additional instructions for applying the sleeve, washing it and caring for it are included with each sleeve. We encourage you to read all directions before using.

Your Comfort Guarantee - try a Free Sample We guarantee you will be comfortable wearing our sleeves and doing business with us. After wearing a pair of our sleeves, if you are uncomfortable with any aspect of our products or service, keep the used pair as a free gift and returned the unopened pairs, for a complete refund of all charges made to your account. Still not comfortable? Then just call for a free sample: 1-800-514-0003.

The Service Behind the Science At Sock Science our company evolved into what it is today, not because of a foot but because of an ear. Quite simply, it was because we listened. After much research and talking with elderly people, nurse practitioners and others in the health care field, we recognized a need that no one had properly tear protective coverings with the look and feel of quality garments. Sock Science is committed to producing aesthetically appealing sleeves that help make skin tears less likely while blending comfort, fashion, fit and easy washability. Knitted with carefully selected yarns that cushion in all the right places and taper in an anatomically correct shape, our protective arm sleeves feature the perfect blend of materials for effortless functionality.

Easy to read sizes
are clearly labeled
Flexible material provides
extra room and comfort.
Contoured shape allows
elbow to move naturally.
Breathable mesh knit
combines function and fashion.
Wristlet rolls up easily
to simplify daily routines.